The Deal with Silverbird Cinemas???

I’ve had some people ask “Why should i waste N1500 to pay to watch a movie at the galleria.. and spend N600 bucks to get a pop corn and a coke”…

well i dont blame them.. i mean, yea.. it doesn’t sound right, but if you dont wanna do that why not just keep quiet about it and let those who wanna “waste” their money waste it. GEEzzz…

In the US and in Europe… people go to the movies to relax and chill.. or simply just to see a new movie being premiered. Long before the arrival of silverbird, we were all forced to buy pirated cinema dubbed movies and pretend to enjoy the not-too-complete-movie.. cos a lot of scenes are being cut out..  or some dude tryin to neck a girl in the cinema is blocking the camera used in recording that movie…  grrr

well i for one have made up my mind.. no more cinema dubb for me… i wanna see a movie.. i go to the galleria.. its worth it guys.. i mean movies like KING KONG..  gosh that movie wasn’t made for you to sit at home and watch it on ur small screen TV..  it was mde for the big screens…  thats the best way to enjoy all the actions..  especially that battle between king kong and the T-Rex.. awwwwwww..   gosh i almost choked on my pop corn watchin that.

Anyway… stop thinking about the cost of the whole movie thing and just relax and enjoy urself.. its fun…   

well i say more about this later right now  im heading for the movies..  “A NEW WORLD” is being premiered today.. cant miss it…


One thought on “The Deal with Silverbird Cinemas???

  1. I could not agree more. There are just some movies that need to be seen in a big, loud theater, but the cost is getting to me as it does everyone else. I do not go to the movie theater as much and when I do go it’s during the day or I wait until it comes out in the “cheap” theater. And I won’t buy food or soda there.
    So what does this mean for the industry? More people are getting projectors or big screen TVs with surround sound. And those, if done properly, are just as good as a theater. But, the less people that are going the higher the price seems to go on everything except the water out of the drinking fountain.
    I went to one movie with a buddy where we were the only people watching it. It of course was on its last few days in the “cheap” theater, but still that was quite strange even though it was a blast not having anyone around to annoy me.

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