The New World (2005)

I went to the galleria to watch this movie…  i mean i had been waiting to watch this movie with all excitment and i couldn’t breath when it started..  gosh i could visualize all the special effects, the bloody battles…  i think i was seeing gladiators….

THIS MOVIE SUCKS……    i’ve never felt so pissd about a movie in my entire life…   Hey! dont get me wrong..  i wasn’t the only one ok?… eveyrone in the hall was pissed..  

the movie started…  was draging…  we all where like “em ok.. well they’re trying to starv us..  let the battle start”   BATTLE?????   man.. guys i’m a more of a movie “freak” if u can say that.. i love movies..  i watch it all…  but i’ve never begged god to make me sleep in a cinema before. oh yeah.. i did beg God to put me to sleep till the movie was over..



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