January 2008 and my boring trip to Anambra State

B4 now i used to always say “i wanna travel to as much state as i can in nigeria” but after my experience in akwa, anambra state… i’ve gotta think twice b4 going anywhere now.. be it official or personal…

I’ve never known boredom as much as i did during my stay in akwa.. DAng!!!.. i and boredom became tight friends… i mean.. am the kinda guy who loves hanging out… tripping and all that stuff. None of all this happened.. all i did was sleep when i aint working…. i think i’ve even become fat from all the sleep.
The only place could go to was bike my way to Mr Biggs… which always sucks anyway.

I spent the entire seven days coding my mind out… it was worth it anyway cos i needed to get that project outta my funnel…

What a way to start the new year…. … >&^@&#%@


One thought on “January 2008 and my boring trip to Anambra State

  1. lol
    I actually found this amusing. hehehe
    Next time carry a music box like an ipod or an mp3 or something.
    And you ate at Mr Biggs? yukkk!!!

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