Trip i’d never forget…. [Destination: Warri]

Ok its been a while since i’ve posted anythign on my blog. well thats cos i’ve been so swamped with work and all… well here i am.. with gist about a trip i’d never forget.

Lagos - Benin Express Road

Lagos - Benin Express Road

Ok it was a beautiful friday morning August 15th, 2008 i left home straight to the bus park to get a bus to benin from which i’d get another bus to warri for my collegue (Collins) wedding taking place the following day.

Well the bus was loaded and we moved. Disappointment started from the buss occupants… “THERE WHERE NO CHICKS ON BOARD”.. i felt like i was in a bus loaded with other inmates being taking to prison… ok lets not divert the main reason am actaully writing this blog…. The journey started out smooth.. in less than the time it should have takin us to get to “Ore” which to me i always say

once you’re in ore, you’re halfway thru to Benin”..

we where praising the driver for doing soo good and all… ok maybe he was so hungry he wanted to get there fast so he could get his normal “FREE” food.. but who cares.. he got there in time. So anyway i got  a snack as always and orange juice.. im kinda not the food person not to talk of eating at a place in the middle of somewhere…  ok so we left Ore heading for benin. not 10mins after leaving we met traffic and the driver decided to pass a bush path.. i guess cos other vehicles were passing the same path… and the road was crazy.. for those of you who have taken that lagos -benin express road b4 you know what am talking about. that road would win the award for the worse road on the planet.

Anyway we passed the path and if i can recall correctly we were stuck in that bush for over 2 hours…. ok like that wasnt enough we got out of the bush only to meet a deadly HOLD UP.. as in NO-MOVEMENT-FOR-1-HOUR-TYPE of hold up… so our “SMART” driver followed other vehicles again and passed another bush path that lead us to a village which i would say by the way… gave me that feeling of another land… atleast now i know how columbus felt when he discovered America… damn!.. u should see the villagers.. their road hasnt been used in years so all vehicles had to crawl… and i think we happen to pass thru that village the day someone died.. cos woman and kids and some “wimp” men…. old and young where wailing (did i spell that right?). so we where in this village for up to 3 hours or it could have been lesser than that i dunno… (hey dont look at me like that.. i was scared shit ok??). well the youths of the village who obiously had nothing to do for decades so an opportunity to do something unique and special and different…

Bush Path

Bush Path

they attacked the busses….   …  ok well i made that last one up…  they didnt attack the busses they just mounted road blocks and started collecting money… which i wondered what they would use it for cos i didnt see know small shop or mart around the corner somewhere..  maybe if i had given them my bus ticket they would have taken it rejoicing.. lol… (ok maybe im beeing to mean here… he he he). well we managed thru that mobb of bored to death youth and made our way further thru the village… we got to a bridge that hasnt been used for a very veeeeeeery long time..  yea i mean that.. the villages had to say the busses shoudl speed thru… paseengers had to come down from their busses to make it lighter and all…  we ran across the bridge…   now i was begining to find this whole trip thingy interesting and wishing i had a cam coder with me… damn i should get one..

Well  we made it thru the village of “mountain people” lol… ok we got back on the road it was a smooth long ride to benin..  yeppieeee!!!!

[Watch out for part 2]


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