Proudly Naija abbreviation…

E don reach time wey we, as origina 9ja pples go stop 2 dey use abreviations like LOL, LMAO, ROTFL, BRB, TTYL, etc, wen we fit dey use abbreviation 4 our own exceptional street lingua. 1. LWKM – Laugh wan kill me 2. LWKMD – Laugh wan kill me die 3. MIDG – Make i dey go 4. WGYL – We go yarn later 5. IGA – I gbadun am 6. ICS – I can’t shout 7. DJM – Don’t jealous me 8. WBDM – Who born d maga 9. UDC – U deh craze 10. MSD -MAKE SENSE DIE 11 . YDM – you dey mental 12 . NOMB – Nice one my broda 13. YBM – you be mugu. 14. IDC – I deh come 15. LGD -Letz Go Dere 16.GPU – God purnish you 17. IDD – I DON DIE

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