Behavioural corrections at the cinemas in Novi Sad, Serbia

OK so i went to the movies last night to watch MEN IN BLACk 3 in 3D for 320 Dinnars which is N520, meanwhile i would have paid N2500 at the cinema back home in Lagos, Nigeria.. anyway, i got my tickets and all.. went into the cinema, sat down and was enjoying previews with so much joy..when this couple came up to me saying i was in their seat. The very second they said it, i remembered i wasn’t in Nigeria anymore where we don’t follow sitting positions, so everybody just sits where they like and even preserve seats for their friends or whoever they expecting…. . SHIT!

I quickly looked at my ticket & discovered my sitting position, thank God they where kind enough to interpret the damn thing. You see as Naija dey spoil person? As if that wasn’t enough, when the movie was over i got up to start leaving, leaving my coke bottle and pop corn pack on the floor for the “cleaners” to come clean up … once again just as we do it in Naija.. where we mess up the floor with our empty pop corn packs and soda bottles, leaving it for the cleaners to come do their job…. Thank God i was smart enough to quickly realize everyone was picking up after themselves and dumping in the trash just by d door.. DAMN!!! Naija

At least next time i go see a movie.. its gonna be a smooth move all through… Thank God my first time wasnt a date. Image


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