How Many Boyfriends Or Girlfriends Can A Nigerian Boy/Girl Have?

Well there was the craze last week about the video “How Many Boyfriends Can A Nigerian Girl Have?” The buzz was crazy and sparked up plenty discussions and jokes on twitter, facebook and the likes.

Guess what else it sparked up? A guy’s version “How Many Girlfriends Can A Nigerian Boy Have?”

Check both videos out

My Thoughts? Well after watching the videos especially that of the girls talking bout the number of boyfriends they can have… I’m like WTF!!!! *ALARM RINGING* This is exactly how it is out there and people wonder why guys like myself tend to be protective and careful with who we mingle with.  I don’t want to be some girls “Backup Boyfriend” or “Maga” or “Personal ATM”. Its really sad i must say, we don’t know who’s true anymore.. everyone wants to HAMMER it seems. A girl tells u she loves you, you just want to choose to believe her and hope shes not one of them.

I am going to save this video in my library and keep it to always remind me of how it is out there.

Signing out!


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