New Music: Styl Plus – Alive (They Still Exits???)

Have you heard the new song from Styl Plus – Alive??? Well i for one didnt even know they still existed till i saw the video of this song on MTVBase last night and my jaws dropped to the ground, after a few seconds of shock, i recovered and relaxed to watch the video by the end of the song i was quiet for 5 mins with no expression on my face, then i changed the channel to watch something boring…

The song is crap as far as i am concerned… nice techno beat yes, but crappy lyrics and arrangements. i have to saw as a former Styl Plus fan… they broke my heart with this song. WTF…. i have always said it right from the remake of that their song…. emmm. what was it again ohhh… the one they went to london to shoot…was it Imagine That?? anyway which ever it was… i had always said this boys should go get professional song writers and composers to help them out and all they gotta do is show up to sessions an sing. I’m not going to say more cos i will just miss yarn, let me get back to work jare.


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