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I am what most people call “metrosexual“, for those of you who don’t know what that is here’s a quick definition; “Men with taste & style who know about fashion, art, and culture”. There, now you know what that means, moving on. I love combining cloths to bring out amazing style that people end up complimenting. A lot of people look at me and envy my wardrobe, some have even threatened to raid my house and pick all sought from my closet. Funny thing is i don’t even have much just a few office long sleeves (7 in number), about 5 T-Shirts, 3 pairs of jeans (1 black 2 blues) 2 suits, 3 jackets,  2 converse shoes, two corporate shoes but with these few outfits i make magic by combining them to look great when ever i want to go out, whether its to the office, or movies, or a nice romantic dinner or beach, what to wear doesn’t seem to be a problem. I just combine stuffs. Sometimes i dress from the videos (i.e i get ideas from music videos), sometimes from a mag somewhere, sometimes from just watching plain old boring TV interview. Anyway why I’m i writing all these? you may ask, i mean how is any of this your business? Well, 1. I’ve been asked one time to many to share my secret. 2. You are on my damn blog. lol

Anyway, i found this article on a site while trying to decided what to wear to church last Sunday and i think all guys who like to look good deserve to see these.
Below are inspirational guides on how to combine what and tips on what you might just need to buy next time you hit the shops.


These tweed fabric loafers are so dapper and swagged.

Stock up on scarves men, they are a great accessory piece to add style to your look.

A checkered shirt with a skinny solid color tie, blue jeans and a doubled breasted coat, is a great fall look  for Fridays at the office.

A stripe T-shirt  and a neutral color  blazer will compliment any look.

Trey Songs added so much swag to the simplicity of this outfit.

Gentlemen, this leather strap Rolex watch is a dresser. This piece will stand center stage with the simplicity of  a white collar shirt and blue jeans.

Don’t throw out those T-shirts you got as gifts from vacation trips, a sleek blazer will give these hidden treasures a makeover. This looked accomplished that.

This looked nailed it..A chunky knitted sweater paired with a plaid shirt is effortless and swagged.

This look is so edgy, the white shirt and skinny tie finished with a leather blazer is totally rock-star.

A classic cardigan over your favorite jean shirt is always a good look.

Guys dress up your favorite graphic tee, with a sharp blazer to make the look more dressy. This look is so swagged.

Pull the red blazer look off by pairing with a grey T-shirt.

Think you can’t pull this look off? think again. Felt hats are swag , pair them with suits or jeans and have the crowd envying you for such dapper style.

A chunky scarf can really add swagness to a simple outfit, this look nailed it.

Step up your style game gentlemen, this look can not only be pulled off by European men.

Keep it simple and swag by simply pairing some slacks with a plaid shirt, this look is a woman magnet.

Pull off the white shoe look with these fly A&S gents.

These lacoste high top lace up loafers spells style..

Look effortless and cool, by pairing a stripe shirt and vest with this fly trench coat for fall.

Don’t be scared to wear neon, this lace up pair of loafers is a great way to show your colors.

Guy’s you can wear pink and stay swagged like Scott in this pinstripe shirt with pink slacks.

Scarf paired with a suit blazer and T-shirt is the epitome of swag.

Guy’s you too can pull off a white shoe and stay swagged, this look is done effortless.

Stay dapper and swagged even in the snow by sporting these lace up ankle waterproof  loafers.

No guy’s closet is completely swagged without checkered and plaid shirts.

These colored lace up loafers are the bizznezz to add style and swagg.

Guys add some color to your closet this fall with these colorful slacks and stay swagged.

Make a statement like Nigel did by pairing a nontraditional foot wear with a suit and jeans, those red converse are so swagged.

A white pair of pants paired with a checkered print shirt, and a suit blazer is the epitome of swag.

These Clarks are timeless.

No guy’s swag is complete without a great watch.

These loafer high tops are so dapper, wear these with your fave pair of jeans for a casual look.

David Beckham pulled this look off like a pro. You can also throw a chunky scarf around your neck instead of the sweater for a less prepppy look, but either way this look is a winner.

Stay casual swag in these leather lace up loafers.

It’s not a cliche when we say every guy needs a leather jacket, its essential.  This shows you can be polished while staying true to your tough side.

Look up to date and polished this fall/winter with a great scarf and a wool coat, these pieces nailed it.

Stay winning like Pharell,  and invest in a sharp trench coat, this look stays swag.

Out with the blues and in with the greys;  yes guys grey jeans are polished and dressy.

Look smooth even in a simple tee, this look is effortless. To shop this look go to

Add a scarf to your look, its a great way to add pizazz to an outfit.

These Sperry top-spider are great for a casual laid back look, pair these with jeans or slacks.

This Ralph Lauren duffel bag is the epitome of swag.

This jacket is a great piece for fall/winter.

Blazers should be a part of your everyday wardrobe.

Add some color to your wardrobe, this tangerine is so right now.

A guy can never have enough ties to stay swagged.

Dwayne Wade is dapper in this suit, he stays swagged.

Jay Z executed the plaid look perfectly.

This top coat is great for fall, and to transition to winter.

Great look for a date, she will be complimenting you all day.

Dessert boots are always dapper.

This is a great look for the office or a business lunch.

A great watch is always a sexy accessory for any guy’s swag.

A chunky sweater with a suit blazer is always a style winner, best for fall.

Handle fall with style and swag, these colors are perfectly executed.

Put your best feet forward and step out in style and sophistication.

Take a page out of Kanye’s style book, this look is a winner.

A perfect suit is always an essential.

Stay swagged even while traveling, this duffel bag spells style and swag.

Eye-wear is an important finishing touch, these ray bans are smooth.

A guy can never have enough loafers.

Wear your checkered with a wool cardigan for a swag look.

wool and denim never looked better.

Stay dapper in these Alden loafers.

shades by Carrera  Outfit from H&M

Chino ice Image

Chino Ice Image


Chino Ice Image


Chino Ice Image




Culled from: What Is Chino


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