9 Signs That You Are in The Friend Zone And Don’t Even Know It

Friend Zone

Ever liked a girl so much that you would always be there for her through thick and thin no matter what? You would always be her shoulder to cry on, her rock, her best friend. Guess what? You may be doing those things in the hope that she’ll become romantically inclined toward you, but you’ve long since entered the “Friend Zone,” a cursed place from which no man can escape. Go through the following signs and see if you’ve been friend-zoned.


I thought this girl really liked me once. We had fun together. We got along. We agreed on everything. We had so much in common it was like fate had somehow brought us together.

We spent a couple of exciting days together and I needed everyone of them to get the nerve up to ask her out. I don’t recall the exact words I used but I’m sure it wasn’t more than,

“Would you like to go out with me?”

She replied with,

“I’m not sure. You’re such a great guy but I REALLY like this other guy, he asked me out and i agreed.”

I leveled my head to hers and muttered,

“Okay. But if it doesn’t work out, let me know. “

…And she all too easily agreed.

You see I failed to notice the signs. I failed to notice I was walking around with a giant neon sign above my head for every woman to see. It simply advertised this:

I’d Make a Good Friend. :)

There are a number of ways to tell if she is interested in you as more than a friend. These signs are indicators which I do hope you use to stop making the mistakes I did in the past.

This post can not possibly cover everything but don’t worry, I’ve got it covered.

My vast experience in the friends zone forced me in the corner to finally get this part of my life handled.

And you know what…I absolutely hate seeing any man suffer the same way I did!

1. She calls you her brother. If she has ever called you her brother, then you’re so deep in the friend zone, it’s ridiculous. If a girl sees you as her brother, she does not see you as sexy. If she can call you her brother and you say nothing, she’ll know you don’t want anything more either. You’ll be completely written off into the black hole that is the friend zone.


2. She talks about guys with you, and she is not doing it to make you jealous. If she is genuinely discussing boy problems with you, about how she feels and her dilemmas with other guys you have definitely been friend zoned. Remember, you wanted a shot at this girl, not to be her shrink. Either tell her how you feel or move on, because listening to this kind of chatter is punishment in some countries.


3. She tells you everything on her mind. This doesn’t mean the important stuff only. If she tells you every boring detail about her life, including the clothes she’s thinking of buying, the food she’s craving, etc then she does not see you as a romantic partner. Girls wait it out before spilling everything on their minds to a guy they like.


4. She starts to date someone else. If you guys are going strong as friends, talking every day and hanging out when she starts to date somebody else then you don’t really have a shot at getting out of the friend zone. Its even worse if she tells you about her dates and how she gets butterflies when she sees him. You’re not even on her romantic radar.


5. There is no sexual tension. When you’re close to somebody that you like who likes you back, if even only a little bit, there is always some kind of sexual tension. In the best cases it feels like a magnet and in other cases it gets your heart beating faster a little bit at all the possibilities. If you do not feel any of this with her and she sees no signs of feeling it, its no doubt you’re in the friend zone to stay.


6. She doesn’t flirt with you. A lot of the time, you’ll notice that a lot of girls, even if only your friends will flirt with you occasionally. It’s not hot and strong, but it’s there–cute, flirtatious texts, a little touch here and there, maybe even a kiss on the cheek. If she acts like you’re a girl when you’re together, give up on all hope of it going anywhere.


7. She never dresses up for you. When you go to hang out with girls, they’re usually dressed up, with their hair perfect and their makeup done. If you go to see this girl, and she’s completely free of makeup, with her hair in a bun and in her pajamas, she clearly does not care if you think she’s sexy or not. You may think she is beautiful regardless, but trust us, she does not want you to think she is beautiful–you’re one of her best friends.


8. You chickened out of making a move a long time ago. If when you first met, you both acted completely different towards each other; you were flirty, there was sexual tension and you both even dressed up before hanging out, then you had a chance buddy. But if you didn’t make any move she probably wrote you off forever.


9. She never believes you when you compliment her. A girls never believes her friends when they compliment her. She thinks its just them being nice. Girls value compliments of hot guys, especially the ones they like. If she brushes off your compliments like “that’s what you’re supposed to say”, then you’re in the same pool as her girlfriends.


Now that I’ve shown you many ways of determining the sometimes depressing signs you’re in the friends zone I’ve got one more really cool thing to pass on to you.

Above I mentioned “seeing the big picture.” Well this is where I want you to walk away from this post completely aware of how women react when they feel attracted to you. (On the side you get the added bonus of freeing your mind up  to focus on better things, like having fun and attracting her in the first place.)

 1) The first indicator is her actions to tell you she likes you.

Always watch what she does first, and ignore her words if they don’t jive with the way she behaves. Here are a short list of “she’s interested” indicators:

  • She touches you or leans in close
  • She makes it a point to smell your cologne
  • She takes you along with her to another bar/dance club
  • She initiates conversation with you
  • She asks for your number (but only if she asks before or after giving hers. If she refuses to give you her number, she’s not interested.)
  • She looks you over (especially glances at your mouth)

2) The next thing you listen to is her words.

What does she say to you? Here’s a list of things that indicate her interest verbally:

  • She asks a lot of questions about you
  • She talks about sexual topics (without you initiating them)
  • She uses very sensual words when describing you
  • She tells you secrets (indicating trust)

3) This next list is more difficult, since you will have to refine your radar as to what her body language is saying.

It’s much more subtle, and more difficult to read. Again, I always suggest that you make sure to judge her body language only when you have no other evidence to help you out.

Here are some buying indicators:

  • Occasional glance(s) from far away
  • Looks at you a few times (flickering glances at your lips)
  • Holds your gaze for a moment with no words
  • Looks down, then away
  • Goes out of her way to laugh with you
  • Posture changes, looks alert
  • Covers her mouth or touches her face
  • Adjusts hair, attire
  • Faces you
  • Alert, energetic
  • Pupils are dilated
  • Open posture (arms uncrossed)

Remember that your primary indication of interest from any woman is in her behavior.

No matter what she says, if she isn’t DOING the things that a woman that would do who is interested (smiles and talks to you, shows interest, gives you her phone number, etc.) she isn’t REALLY interested.

She’s just trying to not hurt your feelings.

Results are the TRUTH!


9 thoughts on “9 Signs That You Are in The Friend Zone And Don’t Even Know It

  1. All great points! I would like to add that #9 might not always be true though, because some girls (or sometimes all girls) won’t believe a compliment from /anyone/, especially from someone they admire or are interested in.

    Well written article though.

  2. The friendzone is a bullshit myth.If she likes you,friends or not,she^s gonna show interest.Many guys & girls start as friends then romance follows.This recent nonsense myth has got to be put to rest

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