Marriage: A lifelong burden or endless happiness?

For numerous married and single men and women this question remains a topical problem. The society divides into the groups standing up for the opposite points of view with the proofs from their life experience. As for me the marriage is more a burden and hard work than an endless happiness.

Firstly, I would like to mention such a common problem, as the relation between Man and Woman. They are such different kinds of personalities that it is rather hard to reach a consensus in the situation when these two opposite individualities meet together and the marriage is a state when it happens. It is one of the reasons why men and women are unhappy in their marriage – the misunderstanding of each other because of different way of thinking and world outlook.
The second argument springs from the first one and concerns individuality of each human.   Many couples aren’t able to live together in harmony anymore because of too distant characters and hence interests and habits. The non-acceptance of each other’s habits or traits results in irritation and dissatisfaction which transform the married life into torture.
Thirdly, we should not forget about the family life and housekeeping what newly wedded couples don’t think about not being far away from the romantic atmosphere of wedding and love yet. Nevertheless housekeeping and family everyday life play not the last role in the marriage. The household problems reduce the romantic sense and immerse spouses in routine which makes a marriage a real burden for a couple. Life in marriage becomes a hard job which spouses can’t avoid by all means. Moreover the couple should keep family budget and control expenditures. These responsibilities take away the financial freedom of members of the family which can cause displeasure and quarrel.
Besides, I couldn’t but mention marriages for money, marriages under compulsion, and unplanned marriages because of a baby. Such kinds of marriage which are not based on love, respect and understanding are a hard burden in any case.

So, there are number of conditions when the marriage throws off the romantic veil of lifelong happiness and shows its real face of household responsibilities, financial problems, misunderstanding and hence permanent irritation which poison the life together, turning it into burden.


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